Monday, December 28, 2009

Coming soon....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was nice and relaxing, as far as Christmas' go :). I'm supposed to be taking a break from Fluffy Bubs but it's never far from my mind! I'm gearing up for next year already, and have a special stocking planned for January.

Once again I have more new prints! These are just too gorgeous for words. Unfortunately they are girly prints, but there is a very cute penguin print that is so much cuter in real life.

Along with those, I had some gorgeous Robert Kaufman cotton prints arrive. After much to'ing and fro'ing as to what to do with them, I have decided to make some super cute nappy sets. For the boys, it will be summer PJ's and a Dreams night nappy (and maybe the girls too), and for the girls, it'll be a OS top/dress and nappy set (from 6 months to 2.5 years old). If you like them, then I'll add them as part of the Fluffy Bubs range, but for now, they are simply 'one off's'.

I'll also be making amazingly soft bamboo/cotton hodded towels. These can have custom embroideries on the hood, and you can add a matching embroidered nappy to create a fantastic newborn gift set.

Lastly, I'll be stocking the famous Soap Bricks! I'm finalising my exclusive collection, but there will be 3 types of soaps available at the next stocking to start with. If you have never tried one of these fantastic goats milk soaps with no nasties, then you simply MUST give it a go.

Well, that's it for now. My next post will be in the new year, and hopefully with some pics of the new products for the next stocking.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Customs

Here's a sneak peak of some of the customs for December, including the winner of the free singlet/t-shirt this month :). All customs have now been sent.

Christmas and beyond

Now I never did finish my blog on my plans for next year. But firstly...

A huge thank you to everyone for making Fluffy Bubs so successful this year. I had my first ever stocking at the end of January this year and it's been non-stop ever since. On a personal level, it has been a difficult year for myself and my family, but having Fluffy Bubs has helped me keep on going. In fact, this year is ending with as much promise as it started with, so I'm hoping that 2010 is a great one for everyone.

Christmas - All the customs from the 1st have been sent out now and there are a few more lay-bys that need finalising. Everything is coming to an end for the year. I will be taking a much needed break. I won't be stocking the store until February....well, that's the plan anyway. The main reason for this is the change over to the new host and the new site. I'm not 100% sure when the new site will be 'live', but rest assured it is well and truly on it's way. Anyway, I'll be taking an official break from Monday 21st December until January 4th. I won't be sending parcels or responding to emails during this time. Orders may be placed and I will send them on the 4th.

Stocking - That's right, there's a stocking! I wasn't meant to have a stocking this month but there will be one on Friday 11th starting from midday. Now I know that time won't suit most, but maybe people who usually miss out will have a chance to get what they want. To coincide with the stocking, there will be a Minky Madness sale. I finally got around to listing some seconds (which are barely seconds). Minky cuts are $5 each or $28/yard....bargain!

What's happening in 2010?

My plan right now is to cease having 'custom stockings'. It's not all bad though. I actually hope to have the store stocked so there won't be times with nothing in store. For Minky Days I also hope to be able to offer you back order for prints that aren't seasonal - which in effect, is a 'custom order', except you won't have to wait until the 1st of every month to order. With Dreams nappies, again I hope to keep nappies in stock, but you will also be able to order whenever you want.

That's it for now. I hope everyone is well leading up to the Christmas rush :).

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Christmas period and plans for next year

Well I'm back from holidays, nice and relaxed, although very tired from the lack of sleep that comes with having toddlers in a different environment LOL.

I've worked through the emails and will be getting the orders that have been paid for, ready for posting by the end of the week.

Stocking update for December

The customs stocking is going ahead as scheduled for the 1st of December at 8pm (AEDT). There will only be Minky Days available for order.

Around the 9th, I will have a mini-stocking with a significant amount of Dreams nappies available, along with a few Minky Days as well. This is the last of the nappies that will be listed not only for this year, but also for January as well.

Future Stockings for 2010

More information coming!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Christmas singlet winner

Here's the winning singlet for the month. Congratulations Amanda :).

November Customs

Here's a sneak peak at some of the customs that left yesterday and today...

I'm pretty much all caught up on the customs for this month :).
I'm off on holidays for 2 weeks starting Saturday, back just in time for December customs. It'll be a small amount offered (only Minky Days, embroidered and plain).
I actually have a batch of Dreams nappies in the works so you won't have to wait until next year if you're hanging out for one. I'll announce when they have been uploaded via the newsletter.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

An update on Fluffy Bubs

What a week it's been for me on a personal level! While I didn't win at the Melbourne Cup (didn't even attempt that one), I certainly had my fair share of 'wins'.

My poor 3 year old came down with a terrible virus that kept his fever spiking for days. It finally broke during the week thank goodness, but he is still not quite himself so I'm hoping he will be in a few days time.

Along with that, our house hunting ventures are now over! I couldn't be happier to snap up the house before auction. It wasn't easy. There were a lot of games being played but ultimately I think we have come out well from it. Nothing will change with Fluffy Bubs. We won't be moving into the house as we plan on rebuilding in the near future (I hope!). That means my Fluffy Bubs 'work space' will continue to be confined to my dining room table. Frustrating but at least I can see a dedicated room in the future :).

So since we bought the house, it seemed the most sensible option was to shelve our holiday plans for the moment. However, we are still seeing if we can make it happen. If we can, then Fluffy Bubs will close as previously anticipated on the 14th November. I should be returning home around the 28th November.


I've just about finished all the nappies from the Customs on the 1st. I just need to make all the inserts and boosters for them all. Everything is on track to be sent by the end of the week.

The winner of the free Christmas singlet has been drawn too. This will be announced during the week.

Stocking update

The customs stocking on the 1st of December will continue as per normal. There will only be limited slots available for embroidered and plain Minky Days nappies. I am actually working on a stash of Dreams nappies in medium and large which will hopefully be ready at the end of this month/early next month. They won't be part of an official stocking, but I will send a newsletter out when they have been listed. I also have a small amount of Minky Days I'm working on too. These will all be the last nappies I list on my CongoCart site for the year.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A new web host has been chosen!

Yay for Fluffy Bubs. I have signed up with a new host. I'm totally over the search, and have finally gone with a complete custom made website. No more templates or just trying to make things work.

But, seeing as its a complete redesign of the site, it will take about 3 months before you see the change. I hope to launch the site early next year.

So, its CongoCart for now, and I think I've finally got the postage thing working to the best of its abilities. This new cart will mean at least 5 hours less admin to do each month, and 5 hours of more time to either spend with the family or making nappies.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How exciting!

I'm very excited to say, that I received my first exclusive to Fluffy Bubs embroidery design this week. This will form part of a new range to be released next year.

The designer is Sandra Fullerton, a well known embroidery designer amongst some of Australia's leading fashion designers. And where might you have seen some of her designs? Sandra has done costumes for Star Wars and even the Pope's Mitre in his recent visit to Australia in 2008. She has also designed a range of embroidery motifs that feature on gift cards.

I feel incredibly lucky to have her designs in my new range next year.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Previewing now!!!

It's late so I don't have much time to upload pics here. The site has been updated with products for the stocking on Sunday night. I still need to upload the Dreams nappy pics plus the info on the bamboo velour nappies but we're getting there.

I'm also very close to finding another cart system that gives you sooo much flexibility and much less admin intensive for me, but it is a 'first to checkout' cart.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New prints to be revealed soon

The new Minky Days prints will be revealed really soon...tomorrow actually. I had planned on doing it today but alas time has gotten away from me and bed is beckoning.

I'll also preview the appliques I have been working on too. Admittedly, there are more 'special' nappies in the AI2 range compared to the Bamboo Velour pockets, but until I know how popular they will be, it was the only thing I could do.

There is also a medium and large embroidered night nappy in the stocking as well. It'll be at a discounted price for no other reason then to introduce embroidery to Dreams nappies. I made this exact nappy for Luke to test the wicking and I love it. All embroidered Dreams nappies have a waterproof backing on the embroidered area. I'm not so sure how the fleece would stand up to more intricate designs, but it does work well for gorgeous, cute, simple designs :).

Hmmm, what else...

Cart and site update

The update is that there isn't an update at all. I still haven't found the cart and host to switch to yet but I have been talking to a few companies. I will stay with CongoCart until another one has been decided upon. Most likely though it will be a far more expensive option which may see a slight increase in nappy prices to help cover the costs.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cart woes again

I can't believe it! I found THE perfect cart/host but after testing for next week it's not going to be so perfect, resulting in likely overselling. I'm madly looking for another host as I really don't want to delay my new site from opening but its not looking good. It's going to be a busy weekend!

And the winner of the free Chirstmas embroidered singlet is....

Here is the gorgeous nappy and singlet set going to one lucky little boy :).
Want to win a free matching singlet? All you have to do is place your order for your Christmas nappy on the 1st of November and December.
Winner is drawn at random and there is a winner each month.

October Customs

I had a great time with the embroideries this month. I got to see some new designs come to life. I particularly loved doing the Christmas ones!

Soooo, here is a sneak peak of the embroideries that left earlier this week and today. I'll put the winner of the Christmas singlet in a separate post.

Can't wait to see what you all choose in November :).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new

It's been a while between blogs. There's a lot going on at the moment with Fluffy Bubs.

New site

I'm so happy to say that it really does look like I'll be able to get the new site up and running for the next stocking in October. It's a fresh look and I love it. The shopping cart system seems to be much more user friendly and hopefully it'll eliminate a lot of the admin that I do manually. The new logo is still in the works but I hope to have that ready in December.

New Minky Days AI2

This month spells the release of V2 of the Minky Days. It has a simplified snap rise adjustment and snap in booster system while maintaining the shape and measurements as V1.

Meanwhile V1 will remain at the discounted price. Grab a bargain! These are great nappies.

New Minky Days Velour Pocket

In response to a large number of people wanting a more natural inner, I have designed the 'Minky Days Velour Pocket'. It has a gorgeous soft bamboo velour inner and the pocket stuffs at the front rather than the back. It also has a panel of matching minky at the front on the inside to prevent potential wicking onto clothing.

This nappy has the same shape and measurements as the AI2 you know and love. At this stage I do hope to have some ready for the October stocking.

New prints!

Yep that's right!!! Gorgeous new prints at the next stocking for both boys and girls. Admitedly there's probably more for the girls than boys, but I love these prints. Bright, vibrant and bold colours, you're sure to love these. They will be previewing once the new site is up and running.

I still have some of the old favourites left in stock which will make an appearance every now and then at a stocking, or you can still order these as customs.

New embroideries and appliques

I have been working overtime with my embroidery machine since Friday...seriously I have. At least 8 hours a days. Yesterday and today I have been embroidering from 1:30pm until midnight (and cooking a meal and putting kids to sleep in between).

The results of this will be seen in October's stocking and the customs of course. I'm loving the Christmas designs and it's put me in the Christmas spirit :).

New giveaway!

As I mentioned, I'm loving this whole Christmas thing so much that I'm going to give away a free matching singlet to one lucky baby each month from Oct to Dec. This is just for those who order a Christmas nappy. A name will be drawn from a hat (ok, probably a bowl of some sort), and a matching singlet will be made to go with your nappy. It'll be a size 2, unless you specify in your order that you want a size 1.

What else is new?

Well, not too much else with Fluffy Bubs...I think the above is enough!

At the moment I plan on going away in November which means only the 1 custom stocking as I've mentioned before. We have been house hunting though so if we do end up buying a house, then my holiday will have to wait. What that does mean is Fluffy Bubs may be on hold at some stage while we declutter for open houses, pack for the move and unpack. For those who don't know, I live in a tiny 2 bedroom house where my dining room table is my work space (that gets cleared every day), and fabric is stored in almost every room in my my parents place too! We've definitely outgrown our place so hopefully that perfect house will come very soon.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spring Customs

Here are just a few of the customs for this month. I can feel its spring, and I know you can too based on the embroideries that have been chosen :).

There will be more to add tomorrow :). Gotta love those monkeys and turtles!

Happy Birthday little man

Luke, one of the main reasons why Fluffy Bubs began, is turning 2. Happy Birthday little man :). To celebrate his birthday, I'm having a 1 day sale on Minky Days nappies starting on the 14th Sept at 11:46am AEST and ending 24 hours later. Where did the time go?

I have pics of the customs to list as soon as I find time. Gorgeous choices this month!

Plus, I seem to have finally caught a cold/cough off the boys which was inevitable. I've managed to avoid it for 6 weeks but my run has ended. It won't affect customs as the last of the paid orders will be sent tomorrow, but it may affect the number of Dreams nappies available at the stocking.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shopping Cart woes

My cart is missing orders *sigh*. It might be time to put my website update plans into fast forward. I'm contemplating closing up shop next month to get this sorted out quickly, or at least find a suitable temporary option.

On the plus side there are more specials to come for this month, provided the cart plays nice too.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The August tally

Ever wanted an insight into the WAHM nappy business? In August, Fluffy Bubs produced...

30 Embroidered Minky Days nappies
10 Embroidered t-shirts/singlets
40 Dreams nappies
70 Minky Days nappies

That's 155 nappies in 1 month.

I do have some help with parts of the snapping, cutting and sewing, and I'm constantly looking for more people to help out so more nappies and be made and my workload can be reduced. On average, I work approxmiately 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, on top of being a Mum and wife. Each nappy takes about 1.5 hours to complete from start until finish (cutting, snapping, sewing, overlocking, photographing, uploading, posting). Sometimes I have to say no to extra customs, because another nappy is another 1.5 hours I'm not playing with my boys. If only there were more hours in the day....

Still, having said ALL of that, September is going to be huge. Hopefully there will be plenty of nappies to go around. Thanks for everyone for your continued support. Hopefully I'll find some time to get my new website off the ground.

The update on the embroidered Dreams nappy

So it did wick but I do have a back up plan. I'll be trialing this tonight and will hopefully know whether I can add embroidery to the customs for tomorrow.

Everything is ready for the customs stocking for tomorrow night. Quantities and stock level have been adjusted, newsletter with specials have been sent out, and photos updated. I do still have to update gorgeous bubs in Fluffy Bubs for the gallery though. Must get to that soon.

Things are stupid crazy straight after a customs stocking so I may not get in here for a week or so.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

And the verdict is.... seems I don't have one! Despite increasing his water intake by a full bottle of water before bed, plus leaving the nappy on this morning by an additional 1.5 hours after he woke up (so 13 hours in total), I could get him to soak through the layers. He barely wet through to the pocket insert so there wasn't any wet bamboo fleece against the embroidery. I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or happy LOL.

It's in the wash now so I'll be reducing the amount of boosting in it and using it with Ryan tonight.

Will it or won't it wick????

There's been a request for embroidered night nappies. Seeing as the Dreams nappies are made of Windpro fleece with no additional waterproofing layer, it make embroidery a tad nmore tricky.

I finally got around to making Luke an embroidered Dreams nappy. I had him drink a bottle of water before going to sleep, so we shall see what happens in the morning. He is a tummy sleep though, so Ryan (who's 3.5 years old) will have to give it a test too as he's a more conventional sleeper!

Watch this space if you're one who wants an embroidered Dreams nappy. I do however have a back up plan if this does wick, but it would cost more so it would be good if I didn't have to use it.

The nappy hunt is on in September but...

I missed the boat on this one...oops. Still, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun too.

The customs stocking will have a large number of Minky Days available for order. Huge! You can't possibly miss out if you want one. There will be a special associated with this stocking but I won't tell just yet. Because I am planning on a huge month of nappies, I won't be taking on any further custom orders other than what is listed for sale on Tuesday, 1st.

I also plan on listing nappies between my normal stockings this time. They'll only been Minky Days rather than Dreams nappies, but hopefully there will be a reasonable amount to choose from.

The regular stocking for next month will be on the 22nd of September at 8pm AEST. I'm not sure if I will have Minky combo's this month. I'll have a better idea after the Custom's stocking closes as to whether I will make any.

Make sure you are signed up for the newsletter to find out what the specials will be.

As for future stockings....

I can't believe its nearing Christmas already! From October 1st, I'll be listing Christmas embroideries for you to choose from. I plan on having the regular customs stocking on the 1st of each month until the end of the year, and in stock nappies listed for sale during the 3rd week of October. I may have in stock nappies for November, but I won't know until later on as we were planning on a holiday during that month.

I'll most likely take a well earned break over the Christmas period once the December customs have gone out. I'm thinking of until the end of January to give myself a decent amount of time off before hitting the ground running again in February.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


These were the words from my almost 2 year old son Luke today. It was a gorgeous day in Sydney, so we had Luke running around the backyard without a nappy on this morning. We had a potty/mini toilet outside so Luke could use it if he wanted to. Half an hour later, Luke wandered up to the toilet, sat down and did his business. "Wee...toilet" he says with a huge grin.

I've never really encouraged toilet training as I have the philosophy that they will do it when they are ready. With Ryan, it was at 2 and 7 months - trained in 3 days. It seems Luke is ready to give up nappies sooner. I'm proud of my little man, but what will become of my fluff LOL?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More customs...

These customs all left my house today :). One of my favourite things is sending fluffy mail. I spent most of the day doing the final pocket and wing snapping for these customs, plus the packaging. It's surprising how long that takes, but I do like it :).

Here are the pics of the gorgeous customs on their way to new homes.

I am so sorry if you don't see your's here. If you receive an email from me tonight (although it might be quite late), then your fluffy mail is on its way, even if you don't see the pic here. I still have about 4 or 5 orders to send out tomorrow, plus the 'tester nappies' as well.

Off to type up some invoices and fluffy mail notifications. Until tomorrow...