Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spring Customs

Here are just a few of the customs for this month. I can feel its spring, and I know you can too based on the embroideries that have been chosen :).

There will be more to add tomorrow :). Gotta love those monkeys and turtles!

Happy Birthday little man

Luke, one of the main reasons why Fluffy Bubs began, is turning 2. Happy Birthday little man :). To celebrate his birthday, I'm having a 1 day sale on Minky Days nappies starting on the 14th Sept at 11:46am AEST and ending 24 hours later. Where did the time go?

I have pics of the customs to list as soon as I find time. Gorgeous choices this month!

Plus, I seem to have finally caught a cold/cough off the boys which was inevitable. I've managed to avoid it for 6 weeks but my run has ended. It won't affect customs as the last of the paid orders will be sent tomorrow, but it may affect the number of Dreams nappies available at the stocking.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shopping Cart woes

My cart is missing orders *sigh*. It might be time to put my website update plans into fast forward. I'm contemplating closing up shop next month to get this sorted out quickly, or at least find a suitable temporary option.

On the plus side there are more specials to come for this month, provided the cart plays nice too.